Saturday, January 31, 2009

Symbolism of Anal Submission

A Dominant male friend shared the following ideas with me and, in addition to finding his words extraordinarily erotic, the concept of the anal orifice having deeper meaning and symbolism with regard to D/s relationships was something I had not given much thought to.

I feel that the purest form of impalement, mentally, physically, and D/s emotionally, is embedding my cock deep in my slave's ass. Through the pain, discomfort and even in spite of any unfolding pleasure, she cannot help but feel compliant, vulnerable and caged into a place of complete surrender. Once there, the only hope is Trust. There is no other avenue of escape. She is run through and helplessly pinned by a long ramming cock, unyielding in its stretching stiffness, squirming in a pool of hot pain, cramped in her tummy by the thickened intrusion, trapped by her own embarrassment, betrayed by the rising pleasure and completely dependent during those endless minutes.

Delicious non?

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