Friday, August 14, 2009

Bad Boys (and other delicious things)

It is classic non? Good girl is completely enthralled with bad boy. The boy that is totally wrong; completely dangerous in every way......and she can't get enough of him, is addicted and attracted like a little moth to a flame.

But come on people! I am 47 years old for goodness sake! Okay, so I have been with a very-good-boy for the past 21 years and maybe I want to make up for lost time but....what the heckie???

I know better, and yet....and yet....I can't seem to stop craving what I know is naughty/wrong/bad/sick...etc., etc.


Like a bloody sex-starved, deviantly-perverted teenager I am...good grief!

Grow up woman! Grow up.


  1. no no no... Have fun!!! so.. the next 2 or 40 male playtime you have isn't really about finding the "One" it is about exploring and learning more about yourself. You are so accustomed to one man that something your body or brain is telling you to get might be something you don't want in the end. I say have fun with the bad boys, let them play with you. Just keep it firmly in your head that this is playtime!

  2. this is normal, Charli! You're going to have rebound relationships, and you certainly NEED some bad boys in your life. Avachild is right - this is NOT the time to find another "partner," but the time to find a "playmate." now go on, get outside, and play with those bad boys!! and don't come back in until it's sunrise! *laughs*

  3. okay, okay....since "both" of you are telling me to go out there and "slut my stuff".....I guess I had better. I always do what I'm told! (well, not always)