Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pledge Number One

I climbed a mountain in my head
on top of which I made a bed
cozy, safe, and with a view
I lay there while I looked at you
at what you are and what you be
through days when you were mean to me
through days when you were nice as well
through days I wished you'd go to Hell
so many days on which to dwell...

no longer will I let my past
confuse the future still to come
another chance I see ahead
to practice lessons as I tread,
upon my new and improved path;
not allowing "she", otherwise known as me
to be forgotten in her devotion to...
the person with whom she'll start anew.


  1. Atta girl!

    Glimmer of the positive in this new beginning...hugs to you.

  2. You are an amazing person.... I'm sorry I haven't commented before now. I didn't feel that I knew you enough to give insight on the very bumpy road you are traveling down right now. I wish I could though, I do wish I had an emotional band-aid to offer you.

    I can only slightly understand the amount of pain you could be experiencing. The thought of having to turn away from my marriage is always in the back of my mind. Its a last resort but I have come to realize there is that possibility.

    I'm sure you have such an amazing future a head of you. Nothing in life is easy, if it was we would all be a different person then we are now. I'm thrilled to see you have a glimmer of hope ahead of you. Always keep moving forward.

  3. I would imagine this becoming your unconscious "mantra" during this journey, as each day brings you further and further away from what was and into what will be.

    Very well-expressed...

  4. "into what will be"....I like the way that sounds. Thanks S.