Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pledge Number Two

I will not rush into another relationship.
I will take the time to first learn "me"; find out who I be.

But...when I do start prowling again, there need to be


  1. Well, 6 out of 9 isn't too bad is it?

    Very truly yours,
    Sir Master David

  2. Darn good list in my opinion... and slightly amusing too boot. Made me smile but could really feel a sense of conviction behind it. Stick to your gut feeling is what I always say. The heart and head get confused and in the way, the gut and spine never lie.

  3. *laughing*...for you David, I might have to make an exception...

    *smile*...very well, Avachild, I shall listen to my gut and spine from now on.

    Andre! You've come for me!

  4. charli, im clad to see that you are setting limits for your self, shows that you are moving forward, and making plans.

    lol, as for your rules, im not in the running, im married, only my children call me daddy, well i dont call my self sir or master, not that presumptuous. in my heart im a sadist, not sure how old you are but im sure im older, im not that tall, but wish i was taller, well for me a cunt is a cunt, and a pussy is another word for cat. i dont mind pubic hair, but i do prefer it shaved or neatly trimmed.

    so good luck and i hope you keep to your rules, we all need limits, and we all need to know them.

    i wish you the best, i know its hard times for you, as it is for a lot of us.

  5. I am so glad to see your list.. if nothing else it means you are looking to the future with hope in your heart.
    Keep looking forward~!

  6. How about if some married guy, obviously with a spouse who doesn't understand him, simply wants a little sex on the side?