Thursday, August 13, 2009

Black Hole

I am darkness and death
I am blackness and hate
I am sorrow and tears
I am drowning...
in an ocean of my making.

I am slut
I am cunt
I am here to be used
I am here to be beaten
I am here to be chained...
body and soul.

I am an object
I am an instrument of pain
I am reduced to tears
I am writhing within the hurt
I am bleeding...
body and soul.

I am sexually submissive
I am woman, in need of control
I am little girl, in need of domination and love
I am female, with empty spaces
I am a void...
in need of filling.


  1. reading this it felt like you were writing the unspoken words in my soul. It is so much like how I am feeling right now.

    You are an amazing woman.

  2. I find you quite wonderful as well, Avachild...thank you.

  3. wonderful writing! I always find writing soothing, allowing me to release my pain in a form other than crying. Plus it doesn't make my eyes puffy! LOL!

    but, I must disagree with you about being a void. You are no void, my dear. Yes, you need dominance, and control and boundaries. The way I see it you don't have an empty space needing to be filled, but have so much inside to give, that you need a space in which to fill, a cup into which you can overflow. Water requires a container, otherwise it's merely a mess. But, when held properly, it is our most precious resource.

    You are a precious resource that needs to be properly held and contained, and adored for simply being you.

    hugs and love,

  4. shucks cp...that was sweet (blush), thanks...HUG